How to rate your items

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How to rate your items

Post  Gemang on Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:01 pm

To help sellers and buyers alike, the following guidelines can reduce the hassle of trying to explain the condition of items.

Rating of Rods (Range from 1 to 9.9max):
-9.9 (Pristine condition. Good as new, no scratches or abrasions to the blank, guide and eva/cork handle)
-9 to 9.8 (Very Good condition. Barely with slight scratches or abrasion to the blank, guide and eva/cork handle. Without rust spots)
-8 to 8.9. (Good Condition. Clear and visible scratches, and abrasion marks to blank and handle. Possbily with some paint chips, rust spots)
-7 to 7.9 (Moderate condition. Same as good condition, but with cracks to epoxy, more corrosion to guides and paint chips)
-6 to 6.9 (Poor condition, repaired. Poor exterior condition of rod, with repairs done to Guides and/or rings before)
-5 to 5.9 (Poor condition, repaired. Regardless of exterior condition, if a rod has a broken tip and is cropped, ratings start from 5 to a max of 5.9)
-4 to 4.9 (Requires repairs. To guide frames and/or rings)
-3 to 3.9 (Requires repairs. Tip is broken and needs to be cropped)
-0 to 2.9 (any other condition not stated above)

Rating of Reels (Range from 1 to 9.9max):
-9.9 (Pristine condition. Good as new, No scratches to exterior. Interior/functionally the same as when purchased)
-9 to 9.8 (Very good condition. Barely noticable deficiencies to external condition of rod, ie. scratch or paint chip. Internally still functions as per norm)
-8 to 8.9 (Good condition. Clearly visible scratches and paint chips.
Gears, bail, clutch and cranking still functioning as per norm.
-7 to 7.9 (Moderate condition. Obvious external deficiencies plus corrosion detected externally or internally. Reel needs a thorough servicing)
-6 to 6.9 (Poor condition, exterior and interior deficiencies with clutch/bail or cranking not as smooth. Minor repairs needed)
-0 to 5.9 (Very poor condition, reel cannot function as per norm and requires replacement of important broken/spoilt parts like gears, shaft, bearings,

Rating of Lures (Range from 1 to 9.9max):
-9.9 (Pristine condition. Good as new, No scratches to exterior. Hooks shiny as new. With original package)
-9.5 to 9.8 (Very good condition. Same as Pristine condition but no original package)
-9 to 9.4 (Good condition. Very few scratches, no rust, with original package)
-8 to 8.9 (Moderate condition. Obvious scratch marks, corrosion to hooks/rings, this stage onwards with or without original package is immaterial)
-7 to 7.9 (Poor condition. Obvious scratch marks, corrosion and paint chips to lure.
-0 to 6.9 (Very poor condition. Lure punctured or cracked apart from rust, scratch marks and paint chips)

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